Trust Activities  

   Trust Activities 

Annai Sri Parvathi trust was established 2004, in memory of mother of our managing trustee Dr.M.Manivannan. Our trust concerns on diabetics patient because our country holds the second largest diabetic population in the world. Our main focus is on diabetic education, mass screening, and evaluation of pre diabetic and diabetic catagerory, specialized diabetic care, routine diabetic consultation and proper follow up, admitting diabetic complicated cases and specialized management like surgical and medical care.

The complications of diabetes include kidney failure, amputation of limbs, blindness and heart attack . These more common in our district because of lack of awareness, poverty and illiteracy.

Type I diabetic patient especially children, are in need of daily insulin injection, for whole of their life time. But due to poor socioeconomic status they are not able to afford it. (as you know, we may lose the child, if they fail to take insulin injections even for a short period).

Type II diabetic patient are in need of continuous oral medication and insulin support but they cannot afford for it, as their status is below the poverty line.

Our main objectives are :

Continuous free medications for Type 1 and Type 2 diabetic patients for their whole life time.

To create diabetic awareness not only to the public but also to the school children.

To rule out diabetic patients in our district.

Mobile hospital (modified ambulance)to reach deep interior areas with facilities of lab, free medicines and paramedical staffs.(In benefit of non-ambulatory patients).

Regular, periodical medical camps in rural areas, awareness programs at regular intervals, diabetic exhibition, screening and literary programs for school children at least twice yearly.

To connect the villages with our centre under the telemedicine service.